Last year one of my physician friends recommended that I try the Neora skincare regimen and I immediately fell in love with the age-defying products. Now I’m having a lot of fun growing my own Neora business. Fortunately, my own business has grown to the point that I was recently able to cut back my patient-care hours from full-time to part-time, which has been amazing for my family.

Neora doesn’t use traditional advertising to sell their science-based products, instead they allow professionals like us to partner with them to promote their innovative products. I am primarily growing my business by posting in a private Facebook group a few times a day.

I love how I can spend just a few minutes a day building my Neora business and that it’s giving me great passive income and beautiful skin! I can’t recommend this opportunity enough. I just wish I had heard about it sooner.

Here’s a great video of my Cardiologist friend Dr. Sarah Ramer talking to one of her lawyer friends about why they both chose to become Neora Brand Partners.

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